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Cornerstone Marble & Granite - Stone Remnants For Sale

Welcome to Cornerstone Marble & Granite - where the art of luxury and commitment to sustainability intersect. Our select range of stone remnants - from the timeless allure of marble to the enduring strength of granite, and the stunning beauty of quartz - provides the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of elegance into your home, all while supporting our sustainability mission.

Discover Luxury in Sustainability! Transform our premium Granite, Marble, and Quartz remnants into bespoke masterpieces for your home. Make elegance affordable and eco-friendly!

Are you looking to transform remnants of Granite, Marble, and Quartz into something extraordinary? See below for some inspiring ideas:

Creative Ideas for Using Stone Remnants

Spring Onions for Garnish
Lamp Bases Cutting Boards etc with Granite Marble & Quartz at Cornerstone Marble & Granite

Cutting Boards Serving Trays & Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie & Cutting Boards and Serving Trays: Elevate your culinary and hosting experiences with our bespoke charcuterie boards and serving trays, crafted from the finest remnants of Granite, Marble, or Quartz. Practical and stylish, our cutting boards bring an unexpected elegance to your kitchen routines. Their robust nature makes them perfect for all your slicing and dicing needs, while their distinct patterns turn ordinary food prep into a captivating culinary display. Extend this style into your hosting with our polished stone serving trays, certain to leave an impression on your guests. Each tray, unique in color and pattern, adds a layer of sophistication to your gatherings, while their cool stone surface helps to keep your appetizers, cheeses, or desserts at their freshest. With Cornerstone Marble & Granite's stone essentials, every kitchen endeavor or social gathering becomes an unforgettable showcase of style and quality.

Pet Memorial Stones: Marble, Granite, Quartz

Pet Memorial Stones: Commemorate your cherished pet with a beautifully crafted stone memorial. Our remnants of Granite, Marble, or Quartz can be custom-crafted into a durable, timeless tribute that honors your pet's memory. Each stone, with its unique pattern and color, symbolizes the distinctive bond you shared with your pet. This heartfelt keepsake provides a respectful and long-lasting way to remember your beloved companion. At Cornerstone Marble & Granite, we understand that pets are part of the family, and we strive to provide you with a meaningful, tangible reminder of the love and joy they brought into your life.

Discover Cornerstone Marble & Granite's beautifully crafted pet memorial headstones. Call or visit us today to learn more: 1327 W Main St, Greenfield, IN 46140

Lamp Bases | Marble, Granite & Quartz

Lamp Bases Cutting Boards etc with Granite Marble & Quartz at Cornerstone Marble & Granite

Lamp Bases: Illuminate your spaces with an extra touch of elegance using our custom-crafted stone lamp bases. Designed from high-quality remnants of Granite, Marble, or Quartz, our lamp bases are more than functional pieces - they're expressions of refined style. Each stone base, with its distinct pattern, color, and texture, introduces a unique character to your lamps, transforming them into stand-alone pieces of art. The weight and stability of the stone ensure your lamps remain sturdy, while their luxurious appeal contributes to the overall aesthetics of your room. With a Cornerstone Marble & Granite lamp base, every flicker of light is a celebration of timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship.

Mosaic Art | Marble, Granite & Quartz

Art & Mosaics: Unleash your artistic potential with Granite, Marble, and Quartz Mosaic Art Pieces from Cornerstone Marble & Granite. Embrace the chance to create your unique aesthetic narrative with our premium stone remnants, tailored to manifest your creative vision. Step into a world where sustainability meets luxury, and let your artistic expression shine. Embark on your creative journey with us today!

Discover the artistry of Granite, Marble, and Quartz Mosaic Art Pieces at Cornerstone Marb

Home Creations With Cornerstone

Visit us today: Explore our gallery at Cornerstone Marble & Granite, and find the perfect remnant piece that suits your style and commitment to sustainability. With our custom fabrication services, you can transform a piece of luxury stone into something truly personal, while reducing waste and conserving our planet's resources. Together, we can create beauty from every piece.

Discover the sustainable elegance of Cornerstone Marble & Granite's stone remnants. Our quality Granite, Marble, and Quartz remnants are perfect for unique, custom projects, offering affordable luxury and contributing to waste reduction. Explore our gallery and transform remnants into your masterpiece today!

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